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Why Use Filterpresses?

The filter press is the best method for sludge dewatering. With over 20 years of experience we work on various types of filter presses: flat frame filter press, built-in filter press, membrane filter press, etc ...
In most cases, the process of water treatment or drainage sewage takes place within a structure. Many industries rely on filtration every day and need to keep operations running smoothly.

ErreGi Filter has developed a great experience working in the aggregates and clay sector and we are able to get the best results, we can handle any type of sludge in any sector. We offer preventive and timely maintenance of competent experts in filter presses.

― Achieve Maximum Operation.

A filter press is the best way to solve your waste water problems, able to SAVE MONEY and MAXIMIZE RETURNS.

The filter press (or filterpress) is an industrial machine used to dehydrate the sludge by means of solid-liquid separation processes.

In other words, filter pressing is a volumetric reduction system of liquid substances that have suspended solids inside.
Utilizzo Filtropresse ErreGi Filter
The filter presses are used today in different industrial sectors: for the dewatering of sludge deriving from the waste water purification processes, civil and industrial and in many chemical/pharmaceutical and mining processes.
In the future, market demands for the modern filtration industry will become increasingly finer in separation, in particular as regards the recycling of materials, energy saving and green technology. To meet the growing demands for a higher degree of dehydration from materials that are difficult to filter, very high pressure filters are required. Therefore, the tendency to increase the pressure for automatic filter press will continue to develop in the future.

Mining Processes: Gold, Zinc, Copper, Tin
Food Processes: Pomace pressing
Pharmaceutical Processes: Antibiotic
Inert: Earth Quarries

Lees pressing ( Pomace )

A simple and effective solution for all processes involving the separation of the liquid part from the suspended solids. The plate filter presses allow the recovery of the liquid part that the lees still contain, obtaining at the same time solid panels rich in materials that can be used by the industries that process the cellar by-products.

Spremitura Vinaccia con Filtropresse


Filter press for the chemical industry

This sector provides a multitude of applications, the filter press is used in the processes of refining dyes, catalysts, pigments, etc ... also finds application in the purification of coals, fibers and much more.
The filter press used for the chemical industry uses chamfered plates, the high filtration standards allow the processing of large varieties of products deriving from the chemical industry. The filter press in the chemical sector is able to obtain solid residues with very low residual humidity values and solutions to be retrieved, this happens in a single operation.

The filter press in the chemical sector can be used for the following treatments:

Filter press for the extraction of silicates from silica sands,
Filter press for the purification of organic and inorganic catalysts,
The stearates are refined with filter press chambered rooms,
Solution washing and subsequent filtration of organic and inorganic acids with filter press,
Recovery of aluminum hydroxides with membrane filter press or chamfered plates,
Filter press for the recovery of metals from refinery,
Filter press with special plates and filter cloths for recovery of precious metals with high temperature,
Filter press for the refining of bleached carbonates and calcium sulphates,
The recovery of stearates and dyes in the chemical sector takes place through our filter presses,
Filterpress for cleaning polyamide chemical fibers.

Filterpresses Assistance

Our services help to achieve maximum equipment operation and optimal performance during the entire life cycle of the filter presses.
In addition to traditional maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and spare parts, ErreGi Filter is available to inspect, monitor and recommend process improvements and upgrade opportunities. Specialized services for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of equipment extend and expand the economic return of your investments.


How does the filter press perform the filtration process? The feed pump injects the slurry into the filter press from the feed head. The rooms created by the plates are filled with the suspension, the fabric (specially developed for each material) and the high pressure dries the cakes, faster and better.
The clean water is discharged into the drainage gutters, ready to be reused and the cakes can now be easily removed. ― Request A Test Of Your Plants.

To obtain perfectly dry sludge, a filter press is the best technical / economic solution.

Filterpresses & Environment

Environmental protection has become essential. Water quality is a rare and expensive commodity and its production involves an increasingly present problem with industrial or urban sludge which must be eliminated at a lower cost and, if possible, recovered.
The filter press occupies an important place in many sectors where it is possible to concentrate sludge: it can be used both in the process phase and at the end of the treatment. Anyhow, the filter press allows an optimal separation between liquid and solid and the latest technical developments have made this process 100% automatic.

Constant Search

The purpose of all our studies and research in the field of filtration by filter press has been and remains to maintaining robustness and high reliability and therefore to guarantee high performance of the filtration processes bringing all possible improvements which imply not only a complete automatism but also optimized performance and results of the filtering means, or else a maximum dryness for a minimum volume of the cake, energy consumption far below the average and almost negligible maintenance costs.
Taking advantage of technological advances in this sector it is now possible to guarantee several thousand filtration cycles .. ― A Look At The Future.

Sale Filterpresses

We can offer you the best solution based on your needs:

Perfect for small, medium and large production plants specializing in aggregates, sand and gravel treatment in quarries and mines, chemical-physical, metallurgy;
perimeter walkways;
support structure in electro-welded carpentry;
conveyor belt for evacuating pressed muds;
automatic device for washing filter sheets;
various automatisms. ― Request a Quote.

Global Assistance

Global assistance to guarantee high availability of the systems and high level equipment performance.
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